Saturday, September 16, 2006

"I hate bad language. How the truck can I get away from it?" Trucking Thooth

Dear Trucking Thooth, In life, how you manage a situation is the key to managing a situation. No, we didn't come up with that duminal quote. It was something we learnt from Zen Master Damager Duh-Wee. Think about that and then think about paradigms. If you hate bad language you've got to change the paradigm of what you consider as bad language. What is bad language yesterday is not trucking bad language today. What is bad language today is not likely to be bad language tomorrow. Consider this, in the days gone by women who used bad language were considered very bad. Nowadays, men who do not use bad language are considered to be women. How's that for a trucking paradigm shift? Here's another paradigm shift you will want to think about. In the days gone by, girls who were dirty weren't supposed to be. Girls who were slutty were locked up. Girls who were aggressive were shameful. Nowadays if girls are not dirty, aggressive and slutty, they're shameful. Point is, you're a fucking pansy man. You're a fucking loser. You're a fucking fop. You're a fucking faggot. You're a fucking softy. You're fucking civilised. There's no place for people like you in this fucking uncivilised, slutty, whorish world. Now, fuck off and learn some good language that's bad. Your shitriolic Funcle.