Monday, September 18, 2006

"Why is George Bush in charge of our world?" Off On

Dear Off, You'e back. You're on. Couldn't come up with an answer for that problem, could you? Told you. Now you really have a question. And it's a question you've not been able to figure out for yourself. Well, neither have we. Nor has anyone. In fact, we'll solve your question by taking your mind off the seemingly all important question by plying you with seemingly more all important questions. This is a technique of self-yelp we learnt during the many years we spent among the Zen Masters of the Whee Tao Clan. You should go down there sometime. It's a happy place full of happy thougtfulls. It's from one of these great thoughtfulls that we learnt how to tackle most of the most questions. Over to him. Over to the Great Zen Quester Shoo Who Why Whee who loved to wisely say, wisely, "There is no answer like a question to answer the question. So question the question for more questions that answer." Think about that. And while you're thinking about that, think about this. Why are women on top? Why are more women not on top? Why are men animals? Why are men such dick heads? Why are humans not animals? Why is sex the ultimate aphrodisiac? Why does sex need an aphrodisiac? Why is sex? Why is Bin Laden Bush? Is Bush Bin Laden? Who is Bin Laden? Why is Bin Laden not Bush? Is there a Bin Laden? Why do all jobs except handjobs suck? Why do all bosses suck? Why can't we suck our own dicks? Why must we develop? Why can't we go back in time? Why is it so important to go forward? Have you forgotten your original question? Is your original question at all important? Aren't you better off without any questions? Weren't you better off when you came to us without a question? Could you please repeat the question? Are you still looking for an answer? Isn't the Great Zen Quester truly great? He really is. You really should internalise his quest. Once you do, your every question will become your every insignificant question. Your every answer will become your inconsequential answer. And you will never go back to the original question. The real question is, what is a question? Are you still in this world? Don't be. Because when you're not in this world, Bush is not in charge of your world. We'll leave you with another thought from another set of travellings we learnt while travelling in our world with the Master Penny & Pincher from the East, Big Bahana Kan Joos. He used to say "Every time you have a question, save it." Your zentalksicating Funcle.