Saturday, September 16, 2006

"I'm a trucking asterisk. Can I tackle the previous kvetchun?" Fine Print

Dear Fine Print, What kind of intrusive behaviour is this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. First, you come to us with your problem. Then, after we solve your problem, you come back all smart, fine and recovered and try to take away our sole source of livelyhood from us by jumping into bed with our kvetchuners? No, no, no! Yes, yes, yes, we understand the relevance of your existence in the context of the previous kvetchuner's problem. But we have already provided a solution to the gentleman's problem. Yes, yes, we know you can jump in to help the fellow by bunging yourself in every time the gent feels like using a trucking bad word. But using quaint euphemism like trucking is also a way out of his problem. In fact, trucking is a better solution to the gent's speaking problems than a trucking asterisk every time he wishes to use a trucking bad word. Do you trucking get the point we're trucking trying to make? Stay out of our business and keep your trucking intrusive intentions to yourself. In case you're so keen to get into our line of work, go find another place to do it. Don't come to us pretending you're a trucking kvetchun and then try to steal our kvetchuners away from us. As the Great Zen Master Damager Duh-Wee said, a problem is just an opportunity for another kvetchun. We grasp the paradigm shift you are trying to engineer here. We're too wise for it. Mind your own business. And if you don't have one, start something. Don't poke your starry-eyed head into ours. Your closed-for-business Agony.