Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"I'm imprisoned by the 'Abhimanyu Effe'." Half Wit

Dear Half, We, kinda, understand what you mean. We, sorta, see it in your quest. We, perhaps, think it's a question couched in a quest for knowledge hindered by the walls of life and progress. A thoroughly noble endevour, we believe, that is destined to be stymied by the fully loaded half wits of this world. Whatever you start is destined to be incompleted, for no fault of yours. All your good intentions are doomed to an unfulfilled demise, for no fault of yours. If the people around you were not comfortably ensconsed in their comfortable cacoons of sleepy mediocrity, you wouldn't be subjected to this indoctorine of incomplete realities. We are the idealists of this world of shattered wheels. Our job is to sream the big picture and be beaten down and massacred by the petty circumstanders that surround us. We have to accept the moment of madness which brought us into this world and tread boldly onto the the hamster-wheel of the war against human thoughtlence. We are the thoughtsolent of this world. Incidentally, the effect that you so truly attempt to brand as the 'Abhimanyu Effect' didn't reach it's logical conclusion. It was hijacked by other more articulate, connected and powerful souls. Such is the fate of everything in life. Along the way, everything is cursed to be waylaid by others. We believe our 'Abhimanyu Effect' is now somebody else's 'Mozart Effect'. We believe a certain Don Campbell has trademarked and trademarketed it as his own. We believe this is the chakra of life and accept it. We have no choice. The West gave us trademark laws and took what is ours for themselves. It might have something to do with what we were deprived of when we were in the womb of underdevelopment during the time these momentous changes were taking place. And then, when we came into this world, we found ourselves handicapped by what was beyond our control. The only thing we can do when faced with this spinning reality is soldier on bravely. Our job is to rush in where horses, warriors, tanks, Dubya and other fools fear to tread. Our job is to do what we're meant to do and hope the people after us will avenge us. We are not destined to succeed, only be sacrificed. We have been brought into this world to be sacrificed so that the people who come after us may learn something from us. We know none of this will ever happen, but we cannot do much about it. It is not our fault that our mother country went off to sleep when the lessons of life were being imparted to them by the great warriors of yesteryears. It is not our fault that there were no great warriors in the years before us to prevent the present circumstances from getting so far beyond our control. It's why we never finish any book we start. It's why we never keep any job we take. It's why we never finish any relationship we get into, only get finished. It's why we only start wars. It's why we comfort ourself with small victories. It's why we fucking are such losers. It's why you must excuse, pardon and not mind our French. It's why our father lived an incomplete life. It's why our mother died without living her life to the fullest. It's why so will we. We are the foolish Abhimanyus of our time. And so, listen well my dear brether, you shouldn't feel to bad about your state of affairs. Look at it as a heroic endevour that will be remembered after you're gone, mayfuckingbe. Just make sure your pregnant wife doesn't get any sleep. Your spin doctor, Agony.