Monday, September 04, 2006

"I'm getting all the wrong breaks. I don't get it." Breaking Point

Dear Point, What's your point? Be thankful you're getting some breaks. Most people go through their whole unfulfilled, pointless, useless, frustrating, two-bit, fucked up, wonderful life without a single break. These are the people you should take comfort from. These are the people, on the fringes of society, you should look at and feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with losers. They'll make you feel good. Don't be with people who can teach you a thing or two about the things you know little about. That'll only make you feel inadequate, foolish, lost and broken. The bright side about feeling inadequate, foolish, lost and broken is that the adequate, intelligent, successful and fixed people who you thought you could learn a thing or two about being adequate, intelligent, successful and fixed from will not be around you once they realise you are inadequate, foolish, lost and broken. It might seem like a very harsh thing to be subjected to from people you thought were your friends, but they're doing it for your own good. Get used to it. And don't get used to it. Because if you get used to it, you won't learn a thing from it. And if you don't, you won't be able to deal with it. Hmm. Never mind. Back to the people. They're deserting you so that they can be with people more adequate, intelligent, successful and fixed people who will make them feel inadequate, foolish, lost and broken, very soon. It is the way of the world. Everyone only tries to be more adequate, intelligent, successful and fixed than the other. People are always moving on to be with people above them. Eventually, every single person on this blooming planet is destined to feel like the person, you, they left behind. It's why we come into this world and leave this world alone. Understand the intricate mechanics of this virus of humano-immuno-deficiency that leads to this kind of human behaviour. Is there no way out? How dare we question our omniscience? Of coure, there is a way out. It's the way of the opposites. Does that sound zen? How dare we question ourselves? Of course, it is zen. And utterly unimplementable, which is why it is. So. So, don't listen to us. Now listen. Carefully. The only way to master such moves it to be contrarian in your strategy. If people gravitate towards other successful people, your job is to go the other way. If people gravitate towards you, your job is to gravitate towards people who don't. To understand how this kind of contrarian investing works, read books on contrarian investing. Once you've read many books on contrarian investing, do the exact opposite. After all, the idea behind contrarian thinking is to do the opposite of what is being popularly prescribed as contrarian thinking. If you think you're getting all this, don't think so. Do you read us? Don't. It's the key to reading us or anything. Over a long and tortuous journey of contrarian belief systems, you will realise that all the breaks you thought were the wrong breaks are, actually, the right breaks. What is wrong is right. What is right is wrong. What is successful is not. What isn't is. What is being prescribed is not to be followed. What is to be followed is to be opposed. What seem like one word principles to live life by is the road to destruction. The road to destruction will lead to success. If it sounds confusing, it's not. If it's not confusing, it is. If you're getting all the wrong breaks, you're right. If you're ready to leave, don't. If you're not, we are. If you're not getting any of this, you are. Not your zenius Funcle.