Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"What can I say, I'm perfect. What can I say?" Perfect Fool

Dear Perfect, What a perfectly valid quesiton. What a perfectly unthinkable question. Don't even think about it. Don't question it. Don't make it a question. Don't make any questions. Don't make anything of questions. How perfectly foolish of you to not know that all, any, many, whatever questions asked are not asking for answers. Only trouble. Yes, we've thought about it. No, we've thought about everything. And yes, it didn't get us anywhere. The problem is not being perfect. The problem is being perfect. The problem is thinking about being and not being perfectly unthought. The problem is perfect. It's worth thinking about it because it's not worth sparing an iota of thought to. In fact, that's the problem with everyone. Everyone thinks they're perfect. It's not that they are not. We are, we all are, you are perfect. But only, if we don't think about it. In a perfect world, everyone would be perfect. In a perfect world, nobody would think about it. That's perfect. The thought process? That's imperfect. That's the root cause of all imperfections. Our advise to you would be to work on the thought process, by not thinking about it. Eject the thought process for perfection. Our further advise to you would be to say little. Our secondary advise to you would be to think little. Our repeated advise to you would be to say little and think little. Our remindary advise to you would be to never forget it. Perfect people don't need to say much. Perfect people are perfect because they do not say much. In our experience, when you open your mouth, you're likely to start the cycle of imperfections. When you question yourself, you're imperfect. When you have doubts about your omnipotence, you're cracking. When you rock your perfect boat, you're making holes in it. When you look for holes in anything, you're sinking. And when you're sinking, you're not thinking. Thinking? Wrong. You're thinking. You're forgetting. There's a perfectly thoughtless scientific reason for it all. We weren't given a brain to use. We were given a brain only so we could think we're perfect. Not think about it. Think about it. On second thoughts, don't. Think about why you shouldn't. Don't. Oh dear. Damn it! See what kind of trouble thinking can get you into? It puts into motion a chain of uncomfortably thinking thoughts. And, very soon, thinks spiral out of control. Things get out of hand. The minute you start using your brain. Period. (Period aside, the minute you start using your brain you'll see how inadequate it is to deal with the things around you.) The minute you start using your brain, people will start using theirs by not. And when everyone starts using their brains by not, the world gets populated with thoughts in extreme discomfort. Thoughts that are extremely uncomfortable in a blissfully thoughtless world. Misunderstandably. And a world full of misunderstood uncomfortable thoughts has no place for zombies. This planet is not for thinking zombies. Only zombies. Not only are thinking zombies oxymorons, they are useless morons. They will be systematically erased. Like thoughts. Thinking exposes other people to their inadequacies. Inadequacies that make them question the perfect status quo. Inadequacies that expose their inability to think about their inadequacies. When people feel they are inadequate to deal with you and your brain, you are imperfect. They are not imperfect because they cannot deal with it. You are imperfect because you cannot deal with their inability to deal with it. You are imperfect because you make them feel imperfect. You are imperfect because you question their idea of perfection. You are imperfection personified because you question their idea of nothing personified. You are only perfect when you have the sense to not make sense of it all. You are nonsense when you start to look for sense, because then you see the nonsense in it all and become it. Not only that, you also start to wonder how you fit into the scheme of stuff that's populated nonsense. Analyse this: You are perfect if you do not fit into anything. If you do not fit into anything, you are imperfect. And then you'll see how much trouble thinking about it all can get you into. Don't say it. Don't think it. Don't speak. No doubt. You are perfect. Your logically foolean Funcle.