Thursday, September 14, 2006

"I'm a pot smoker. I hate smokers." Repeat Offender

Dear Repeat, You really must learn to stop coming to us with all your problems. You hate smokers, you hate drinkers. You change names. You hate yourself. You have issues. How typical of a pot smoker. Such is life. Which probably explains why you smoke pot. If you want to know what you should do with your hate for smokers, we suggest you contact the side of you that hates drinkers and came to us for a solution for the same. Once you contact that side of you, replace that side of the advice for drinkers with the word smoker. If all that sounds very confusing, get used to it. It's what pot does to you. This world is not for thinkers. It's made for smokers and drinkers. If you can't join them, shut the cock up and sit in your hole and escape into a world full of pot-fuelled imagery. You may also want to try and accept smokers by partaking of smokes once in a while as chasers. You cannot do a thing about things that society considers okay, except hate them. Alternatively, you can wait for the day when society will accept pot smokers. After that, you can hate pot smokers, too. After all, once society accepts pot smokers, what's the fucking point in being one? Meanwhile, please don't smoke up this room will all your negative energy. Chill out, man. It's what you're supposed to as a pot smoker. We hate saying this, but we're beginning to hate pot smokers. Your lovable Agony.