Thursday, September 14, 2006

"I'm a pot smoker. I hate drinkers." Pot Kettle

Dear Pot, You remind us of someone else who came to us with a pot related problem. Due to the copious quantities of pot we have smoked in our childhood days, which never seem to end, we do not remember what we told him, but we do remember him as a foul-mouthed, angry pot smoker. We can understand why people like you, and him, are angry with the state of affairs. The thing with pot smokers is that the haze they get their heads into makes it impossible for them to clearly see the hypocritical nature of the world we all live in. As a pot smoker you forget all that you are expected to deal with in an unfair world. A pot smoker does not see the impossibility of functioning in a world full of transparent entities. Governments have found a way to tax alcohol for many years now. As a result, they have bought social acceptability to the disgusting practice of drinking. If pot could be taxed, the day wouldn't be very far when authorities would find a way to make it socially acceptable and very cool. If pot could be taxed, you'd have business deals sealed over it. If you can find a way to make the government some money out of pot, the government will find a way to make pot smoking the new drinking. The key is to make sure as many people as possible make money out of something. The minute the powers-that-be and their bitches are making money out of it, society will be fed the canard that it's okay to do it. Until then, the only piece of advice we can give you is to laugh, quietly, at all the drinkers who pay huge sums of money to get high without realising how much cheaper and healthier it is to get high on a little doobie. Just don't get aggressive about it. When it comes to aggression, drinkers will always be better at it. And don't preach. You'll only ended sounding like a pot calling a kettle black, which you are. Besides, when it comes to what's right and what's not, what's legal always is. Right. Your doobious Funcle.