Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"I want to get out of Direct Marketing. Call now!" Oh & Em

Dear Oh & Em, We do not appreciate the unholy hurry you are putting us through to help you with your problem. Do you realise this is your problem and not ours? You really must learn to be patient. You must give people time to respond to your problem. You are the one asking for something. It's best you don't push people into giving it to you. Or else, they'll really let you have it. When you learn to stop pushing people into doing something, you will find your way out of direct marketing. So don't get your knickers into a twist. Cut the coupon. Cut the crap. And wait for your turn. We're very miffed by this attitude of yours. We need to go away and think about it. We suggest you do too. And don't you dare inundate our mailbox with your questions. Go now! Your unresponsive Agony.