Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Should I go in for a sex-change operation?" Shogun Shemale

Dear Shir, Eppudi? What say you? Do you like it? Are you seeing stars? Don't. For the uninitiated, that is you, 'Shir' is a term coined for people like you. 'Shir', is 'Sir' meets 'She'. And that is you. You meets 'He' meets 'She' meets respectful form of address for you is 'Shir'. Understanding Misster? By now, you must know what 'Misster' is. Good, you are getting to where we are. Not that we would advice it. For what we are is not what you want to be. Even if what you are is also not what you want to be. That is, unfortunately, what we all are. Hmm. Sigh. Fuck. Never mind. By the way, do look up what 'Eppudi' means. Don't ask us 'Epuudi'. Ask Google 'Eppudi'. That's 'Epuddi' you will find out what 'Eppudi' means. Are you getting clued into 'Eppudi'? Yes. No. Seeing stars. Again? Good. It's why you come to us. For answers to stars. Even Pluto came to us when he stopped seeing planets and started seeing stars with asteroids thrown in for effect. You may notice we are not anywhere near addressing your problem. You may not notice that this is one of the outre techniques we adopt to address outre problems of your kinds. You may, understably, not understand what 'outre' means. It isn't 'outer' spelled wrong. It is just 'outer' spelled outrely. Are you still with us? Why? Ah yes, your problem. What's your problem, man? Man, that's your problem. Or is it? Why is your problem? Is it a problem? How is it a problem? Who is the problem? Are you the problem? Are they the problem? Now, do you see the problem? You should. Allow us to attempt to get to the nub of the problem. A good way to understand problems when you can't see them is to question them, again and again. When answers do not seem easily, readily, shelffully available, the best way to make the question go away is to question it. The more you question the question, the closer you will get to the problem in the problem. The more problematically you get into the problem, the less it becomes a problem. The less it becomes a problem, the closer it is to no longer being a problem. The no longer it is to being a problem, the shorter it is the problem. The shorter it is the problem, the more likely it is of being replaced by other, taller problems. Now do you see less your problem? While you attempt to see your fast disappearing problem, let us attempt to see how we can make the two of you disappear. It's interesting that you are considering going in for a sex-change operation. Do you feel hard done in by the sex you have been given? Perhaps you aren't being sensitive enough to your partner's needs. Perhaps you aren't being insensitive enough to your partner's needs. Perhaps you should take turns being insensitive and sensitive to your partner's needs. If you're always sensitive to your partner's needs, your partner is likely to get tired of it. If you're the contrary, always, your partner is likely to tire of that also. If you are a bit of both, alternatively, your partner will, eventually, tire of that also also. It's true, no matter what, any sex is fucked. Maybe it's the sex you have been given. Often, when you're given something, you take it for granted. So that's, questioningly, why you are, maybe, seeking a new kind of, perhaps, sex. Maybe. All this talk isn't pointless. What it's pointing to, is the need to question everything totally, properly and minutely. Question it. Question that. Question it and that. Question it, that and the other. Question the other, that and it. From all directions. Back to front. Front to back. Mouth to mouth. Mouth to front. Back to mouth. Question everything. Analyse it to death. Obsess over it. You won't find any answers, but you will definitely kill it. Once the problem you are seeking has been killed to death, you'll know the answer to the problem. In case you don't, it's the question. The question in everything is the answer to the problem. By all means, go in for a sex change operation. See how fucked it is being a woman. Hate the fact that you have become what you never were. Don't go in for a sex-change operation. Continue to hate what you are. Think about it. Either way, you'll hate what you are and are seeking to become. You'll only like what you aren't. You'll crave for what you don't have. You'll never value what you have. You'll never get what you have. You'll never get what you want. You'll never get what you want. You'll never get it. Whatever it is. It's best you let it be. Considering that's what we all are. Revel in the being of it. Let it be. It is the ultimate question to the answer for the it. It's all for now. Just being itself, Agony.