Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Help! My bookmarks are overflowing me." Nooky Browser M.D.

Dear Nooky Browser M.D., Please do be going and learning some gooder English. We do not apprecate peoples who come to us with questions posed in badly questioned English and worsly written spelling. Are we clearing ourself with you? Good. Coming now to your question. Are your bookmarks overflowing you? That is a good question. Why are your bookmarks overflowing you? That is another question. Are you collecting them too much? That two is the third question in the first too questions. If you are collecting your bookmarks too much, then they are very likely to be overflowing you. You see, the thing about bookmarks is they are not very obstructing and obtrusive. They grab your attention at the first and then hide away at the later. Very soon, you are realizing that you are having so many frigging bookmarkings that you are not personally marking them anymore. The result of not marking bookmarks is that when you do notice them later, you start wondering how much of them you have been missing. You again see, bookmarks are great followers of Shakespeare. They tide and time for no man, not even people with names that have M.D. Something we casually marked carefully while responding to your query on bookmarking? We are wondering to ourselves what does M.D. stand for? And answering, to ourself, is it being Mad Doctor? Or is it Minor Doctor? It doesn’t really matters, because whatever doctors are there do not matters to us. We have marked doctors for life and will never be bookmarking them, which is why we were waylaid into asking. Please do not be mind our asking. Coming back to your asking, the solution to it would be to quit the exercising of thy rights of bookmarking. Ahem, yes, you may be noting that we, also, are a little rarely liking quoting Shakespearing. But no more on that fakespear and more on your bookmarkings that are going overflowing. As we were saying, when you are too much bookmarking, you may be better off offing the bookmarking. Of course, the problem we are jolly well agreeing is that when you are not bookmarking you are likely to may end up forgetting what you are liking and so have been bookmarking. But we are on our feet now thinking that it is better than remembering to bookmarking and not much doing after all that bookmarking. Are you understanding? Gooding. The badding of not bookmarking is that you will be constantly searching for the things you are liking and are no longer bookmarking. As always, you lose much when you lose some. You will, though, be gaining a few things. You will gain the unfeeling of not being overflowing by your bookmarking. You will also be gaining the ignorance that is coming from not bookmarking. Then, you will be gaining the headache that will be on-setting from having to be looking for the sites and sounds and things that would have been better off remembered by bookmarking. Most of all, you will not be having to tolerating the answerings from us in English that we is you mimicking. You are such a fooling. We are also bigly fooling. Go back and do some more reading. Then, you might be improving your Englishing and not have to be worrying about silly thingings like bookmarkings that you are overflowing. Hope we are helping. Thanking you very muching for asking. It was great making of you funning. Your slanguist Funcle